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Gallery I. The Fifties - Philadelphia
Gallery II. The Sixties - Manhattan
Gallery III. Manhattan
Gallery IV. Manhattan
Gallery V. Philadelphia
Gallery VI. Synthesis, Sign & Symbol
Gallery VII. Woodstock Again
Gallery VIII. Introspection

VIII. Introspection.

45 World and Cosmos, 2000

46 Kaleidoscope With Monograms, 1996; 2001

47 Self Portrait With Heretic Mask, 2001

48 Pointillist Kaleidoscope With Palm, 1996; 2001

49 Kaleidoscope With Starbursts, 1999

50 Bucky Ball With Blue Hands, 2001

Kaleidoscope with Monograms, dated 1996 and 2001, is so laden with name and monogram as to constitute a self portrait, the serpentine line of blue bubbles a possible reference to the oxygen to which he was now tethered. Self Portrait with Heretic Mask and Kaleidoscope with Palm are both highly personal images, based on the familiar compositional principles and finished in 2001. Bud did not have time to work more on his 1999 Starburst. Works in progress give insight to method.  Bucky Ball With Blue Hands intrigued him enough to prompt him to consider a version in alabaster, but when asked, a week before his death, where these last works were taking him he responded, “I don’t know.” That, too, was part of his process.